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AMFM is a brand and incubator space for artists and the people. We support emerging and established artists by offering a platform for them to showcase their talents and their passions on a larger scale and to the public through our venue, web content, and our curated events. MEET OUR RESIDENT ARTISTS

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About AMFM

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Five Emerging Artists in Detroit You Need to Know

Detroit is known for it's deep musical roots, and it's larger than life street art attracting visitors from all over...


Oshun spreads sweetness, love and light. Through their musical practice they keep their African Diaspora traditions alive and floating through...

KC Ortiz

From the pulpit to rap mogul, underground artist KC Ortiz is rising again and again. It was no secret that...


Bringing solid truth and unapologetic expression to your ears, ShinobiNinja is amping up in the streets of New York. This...

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