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AMFM is a brand and incubator space for artists and the people. We support emerging and established artists by offering a platform for them to showcase their talents and their passions on a larger scale and to the public through our venue, web content, and our curated events. MEET OUR RESIDENT ARTISTS

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About AMFM

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Healing Journeys with J Bambii’s Retrograde EP

Jasmine Barber has always been a beacon of spirituality and healing in the Chicago artist community.  Known by her moniker...

Second City Mondays: January

Chicago’s community of musicians, artists, and creators are generational leaders of curation. The city is continually evolving and inspiring the...

From the Hospital to the Runway, Q&A with Charles Jay, URBANE Clothing Designer

Designer of the colorful palettes that make up URBANE Clothing, Jason Richardson better known as Charles Jay, is a fashion...

Mixtape Monday: January

A new year calls for new tunes, and we got some artists and songs to share that have been on...

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