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AMFM is a brand and incubator space for artists and the people. We support emerging and established artists by offering a platform for them to showcase their talents and their passions on a larger scale and to the public through our venue, web content, and our curated events. MEET OUR RESIDENT ARTISTS

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About AMFM

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Coney Run Cruising with Detroit’s DopeDiv

The Detroit collective DopeDiv stays true to their name releasing their organically dope Hip-Hop project “Coney Run.” DopeDiv’s smooth lyrics,...

Eye of the Sun x House of Colunga Collaboration

Ogechi Anyanwu is a Chicago-based web and graphic designer who is creating a path for herself in the fashion industry...

Zsudayka Nzinga Brings Color Back to Black

Zsudayka Nzinga opens up her home and her family as she’s known to do in her work, to share her...

Singing, Synths and Soulection with Naji

Small town gems are hard to find. When you’re an aspiring musician in a city like Erie, PA, it’s even...

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