Ivory Kutts

Eyes, hearts, souls and inner fashionistas will be stricken by Imani Kutti’s recent fashion line, Ivory Kutts, inspired by her Nigerian roots and the urban city chic of Chicago. It’s the combination of uniquely crafted pieces inspired by Kente patterns and the beautifully melanated models that gives Ivory Kutts it’s oomph. The Chicago native has always been surrounded by vibrant African prints and patterns because it runs in her blood, and creativity runs in the family. The pieces from this breathtaking collection are sure to make any woman adorned with these prints and cuts feel like a queen.

AMFM: You are inspired a lot by women and create for women. What is it about women that you wish to inspire through your line? What else inspires you to create or are you moved by as a designer?

IVORY KUTTS: I’m inspired by the grace of a woman. I’m attracted to the feeling a woman gets when she’s confident and it radiates through her personality. I’ve witnessed it and felt it, I want women to feel beyond gorgeous in bold attire.

AMFM: How has your Nigerian and Ivorian background fed into your evolution as a artist?

KUTTS: My background trickles down into almost every aspect of my life, and Ivory Kutts is like a gateway into expressing my background fully. Ivory Kutts is actually something that has been in the works for a long  time. I needed financial stability to lift it off the ground and started doing everything I said I’d do. I stopped holding back on the potential I have as a person.

AMFM: You said it’s almost in your blood to create, how does this sentiment speak to you? Have you always imagined yourself as a designer? Why is style something that shapes you?

KUTTS: It’s in my bloodline to create because I come from a background of creative individuals. Everyone in my family does something that includes some form of art, whether it be fashion or music. I’m constantly inspired. I honestly have always seen myself in the fashion industry, but not specifically as a designer. Five years ago, I thought i wanted to work with animals, so I’m weird.


AMFM: What’s your creative process like? How does a idea emerge for just a idea to the finished project? How much time did you typically spend on creations?

KUTTS: I typically spend hours creating and making new things, I’m still learning how to become better at sewing and crafting, so it’s not the fastest process. Ideas literally just pop up in my head; it happens so often that it’s embedded into the way I think.

AMFM: What is a bittersweet aspect of being a self made designer?

KUTTS: It’s sooo tiring being the only person who runs a business where people from all over the world are interested in. I’m blessed enough to appreciate the love, but I definitely will need an apprentice or two!  

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Photo Credits: Ivory Kutts