Lester Rey gets emotional with “FEEL”

Lester Rey gets emotional with “FEEL”

Lester Rey is incorporating feels into Chicago’s queue of anticipated releases. “Feel” is a direct reflection of Lester Rey’s mood as of late, full of emotion . The music video demonstrates the cyclic motion  our thought processes by way of prominent spinning effect on the foreground and background. The video’s director, Gerardo Duran, casts a tone of vital red to spew more context to the video. Rey effortlessly bridges his heavy Latin culture with the influences of Rock, Hip-Hop, and even R&B at moments. SUVÉ produces a concise antidote of “I have got to shake this feeling,” never forcing the songwriting to rebuttal with such gravitational instrumentation.

Lester Rey is not shucking out concrete drop dates yet, but a recent listening session for SANCTUARIO places guarantee on the project to be available soon at the end of the month. The departure is not even remotely far from the debut introduction we received with EP Blue Lion. Tracks like “Ni Santa” and its proceeding remix wield a Reggaeton take from a Puerto Rican holding up the Chicago Latin American community.  His mixtape Promesa regarded at the same interval as well. The gap is closing in on Lester and we expect to see his musical pull increase and expand audiences. Keep your ears on standby. 

Photo Credits: Facebook
Contributing Writer: Karoline Yesterdaye