Delisha Renee McKinney

Delisha Renee McKinney makes whimsical illustrations that are larger than life, full of vibrant colors, textures and hidden meanings. Each piece represents another page in the story she’s been working on her whole life. Her otherworldly characters represent the thin line between fantasy and reality, a whole new world sketched by McKinney, who is a self taught painter and self proclaimed nomad from the South, now practicing and living in Chicago on the westside.

McKinney’s art isn’t just something you stand in front of and gaze at, you step into it and experience it. Her art pulls you in with its playful approach to the canvas, the soft lines, the shapes, and Alice in Wonderland vibe. If adults still believed in fairytales, hers would be it. A place where art can pull you up from the streets, hero means love, and dreams do come true.