Sofia Sturla

Raised in both, a jewish and catholic household, Sofia Sturla was allowed to experience different walks of life at a very young age, which seems as though it has helped her throughout her artistic plight. Born and raised in Argentina, Sturla describes herself as a woman of the world, because of her background and experiences as a jewish woman of color. Being multilingual and interested in all types of music from around the world, Sturla connects with all, and by doing so, shows beautifully through her paintings, and illustrations she puts out for all to see.


Sturla discusses her creative process and and how unpredictable it is as she begins to place the the paintbrush on canvas. “It usually begins with a feeling.” She explains, when asked how she goes about finding a way to start a piece. She continues, “A sentiment, whether it’s frustration or happiness and it doesn’t always have to relate exactly with what I’m feeling now, it’s just what I want to put out there.”


Because she’s given her background and identity a voice, it makes her work ethic refreshing. Every subject and piece that she creates, she sees a bit of everyone in each other, but more importantly, herself. Sturla allows her mind and body to channel through the work, along with the energy and emotions she places in it.


Sturla talks about a period of self- appreciation she went through as an artist. “Art and what I come up with through art, I have never felt bad about. It has always made me feel just totally in love, with pride, and with feelings of success. I have never felt like I’ve made something wrong through art even if it didn’t turn out to be what I was hoping it would be.” Throughout her process she explains the stages of creating her piece and how often the intent changes the further she goes along. She finds beauty in the details. Sturla has an unapologetic attitude about herself and her craft, which is what makes her style innovative. She doesn’t create sketches before her final outcome, she just goes for it. She explains the recent growth within that zone, and how she finds connectivity to the ideas in her head, and the illustrations that come out on paper.


Sofia Sturla gives permission for emotion; her illustrations are welcoming and allows the audience to choose how they identify with the details and colors that she has created.