20twenty Mixtape

As the year of uncertainty comes to a close, one thing certain is artists and music got us through one of the most challenging years of our time. We would like to thank all the DJs and musicians for holding it down from their living rooms and bedrooms, and bringing us the bops so we could have dance parties at home, or songs that offered some semblance of hope that this too shall pass.

This year was transformative in many ways, not only did the year transform how we view ourselves, others, our country, and our world at large, but it also showed us how adaptable and resilient we are, and how human connectivity is able to transcend outside of social norms. Millions took to the web, and then to the streets, and then back again for a year that we will all never forget.

Check out some of our favorite songs from 2020 in our 20twenty Soundclound Mix — some that reflect the times, and some that just got us through. Cheers to surviving a wild year fam!

Photo Credit: Isaiah “ThoughtPoet” Veney