Mixtape Monday: Solo Sam “Plated” EP

Mixtape Monday: Solo Sam “Plated” EP

Now that the itis from his last project has subsided, Chicago emcee, Solo Sam sounds confident and sure of himself on his second self-produced project Plated. We’re revisiting this September release with the food holiday season almost underway. 

Equipped with a sneak peek into his culinary skills with the cover art, and a cookbook released in conjunction with the project, food seems far from his mind with the intro “Money Look Like,” revealing a focused Sam. The track opens with an anthem-like instrumental with attention-grabbing horns while he speaks his soul on the track. Time is money and Solo Sam isn’t letting anyone waste neither.  

The track “Two Three” is Sam just warming up letting the audience know that this is only the beginning of his story. He reveals to the audience his inspirations and names beloved rappers, while longing for a luxurious lifestyle, but he remains patient with his eyes on the prize. The song “Take From Me” is a perfect example of the confidence and growth Sam shows on this project. He’s a seasoned artist proving that his age is just a sign of maturity. 

Sam unwinds and takes “Smoke Break;” however, he remains in focus mode. This meditative song comes off relaxing as Sam recites the hook almost like a mantra. The song’s elements blend perfectly, and the smoke break is short and sweet. On “Chillin” Sam is back on his grind to greatness. He knows destiny and he’s willing to work hard it – no chill. He says “I’m in my bag, in my soul, in my skin.” He is grinding for riches, but he is comfortable with who he is already is and that is very important on this journey. 

On the Outro, “Simple,” Sam reflects on his emotional reactions to chasing his dreams. He offers advice as he purposes that if you have control of your emotions, conquering your dreams can be so simple. He closes out the EP by stating how he is concentrating on his legacy, and we have no doubt that this football player turned emcee will find the perfect balance of discipline and art because it is clearly displayed in his music.

Check out Plated below:

Contributing Writer: Sky Taylor
Photo Credits: SoloSam