Jordanna shines in new video “Eu Quero Voce&...

Jordanna shines in new video “Eu Quero Voce”

After releasing her early 2018 EP, Sweet Tooth, Jordanna decided to kick up the heat with her latest single “Eu Quero Voce.” The song is a sexy, swanky, slow-it-down-for-me paean to strong women who just want what they want. “Eu Quero Voce”— translated directly to mean “I want you”— embodies the inner voice in all of us that tells it like it is when it comes to an all-encompassing attraction for someone. The slow, rhythm and blues attitude of the song, accompanied by smooth saxophone melodies and a multiplicity of female backup vocals, grants our ears with a sound sultry enough to keep us warm through the approaching winter.

Along with the August release of the song, Jordanna and her team compiled a hypnotic, fairy tale style music video, showing the power of woman as both the temptress and the commander. On the Island of Capri, these tenacious and beautiful women are able to hypnotize you with the elegance of their voice and the magic of their touch. The video elaborates on the Shakespeare-like, secret world of his alluring sirens, and proves just how tempting they can be. Embodied within the song remains Jordanna’s fearless and suave artistic attitude. Check out her newest video for “Eu Quero Voce”, let yourself get entranced by the sounds and sights, and stay tuned for more new tunes by Jordanna.

Contributing Writer: KC Esper